Crete Greece, 2 toddlers, a couple of bags and 4 Passports!

Crete Greece, 2 toddlers, a couple of bags and 4 Passports!

I’m not sure what inspired this spontaneous trip. Maybe it was Bries desire to visit her paternal homeland or maybe it was the desire to break away from the monotonous routine most of us tend to develop. Whatever it was, it lead us to Crete Greece after a rather long trip with a 2 & 1-year-old.

It does not matter how many times I arrive at a new destination, the feeling is always breathtaking.

The colors, the smells, the sounds, as if every sense is heighten and everything slows for a brief moment.

By the time we arrived to Crete Greece, the children were beat so this gave us a great opportunity to drive around and get a layout of the land while our girls fell asleep.

We were blessed with seven amazing days on the beautiful Island of Crete. We made great friends, ate with the locals, drank with the locals and played with the locals. During our seven day Cretan holiday, we were able to put together a small guide to Crete Greece!12122808_1063841586962335_1645994169086123604_n


If you’re staying in the city like we did, everything is in walking distance plus there is an abundance of public transportation. We spent most of our days walking from museums, to restaurants, and art galleries. However if you plan on taking full advantage of Crete Greece, then a rental is an absolute must. We rented our car from Sixt car rental. Although it’s not one of the bigger names, the people were awesome, the car was fairly clean and there was not one line when we got off the plane.Rental Car


This was probably our Archils heel when it came to traveling in Crete, and a novice mistake at that. We booked the same hotel for the whole time in Crete Greece. We stayed at the Hotel Castello in Heraklion which was not the accommodation online reviews lead us to believe it was. The staff however, were all 5 stars. With some updating, this hotel can easily pull another star.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing family vacation I would ditch the city area completely.20151006_153730373_iOS


Cretan cuisine has become one of my favorite foods in the world! The spices and herbs and everything being freshly made, no wonder Mediterranean cuisine has become so famous. It hardly matters where you go everything is fresh! Our absolute favorite thing was that every cup of orange juice was squeezed when ordered.12096576_1063873410292486_1871887203657713401_n

Most places you’ll find will be tourist traps in some sense. We spoke to many locals and found some of the best local eateries. From Gyros to Dakos, these places were not lacking in flavor.12065744_1063713743641786_7389432907940132364_n 

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